Entry #1


2014-08-08 02:58:23 by ShrapnelAnime

So I'm ShrapnelAnime. I've been using Newgrounds since 2005, except I never had an account (that wasn't just a throwaway account to comment on stuff). I finally decided after the big Animator Crisis on YouTube to make a legit account here where I can share my art that I do (all of it is on dA) 

I hope you enjoy my art and I hope to get along with the NG community!


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2014-08-14 00:32:06

Hello ^_^ i just wanted to acknowledge that your fucking amazing for 17 and i hope you keep working into the future.

ShrapnelAnime responds:

Ty D; But you're like 500000x better than I am and a year younger so D:


2014-10-02 07:12:53

Glad you finally joined us! After peeking at some of your work.. you should be more confident with your line work! After sketching something out, make a solid line and go with it! Your coloring work is really good, and I hope to see more from you in the future!

ShrapnelAnime responds:

Wow sorry I didn't see this until now D:

The thing is, almost all the drawings that I uploaded to Newgrounds are sketches, mostly because Im focusing on improving fundamentals like anatomy, gesture, etc, and I just quickly color them to make them see more complete. Not too worried about making clean line art afterwards yet ^ 3^

But thanks for the compliments!


2014-11-04 20:53:55

Ah, just noticed you're from the Pitts, you're not the only one here! Can't remember her name straight off.. plus she's been here a while too, probably knows of others.

Nah, you got heads down pat, maybe after a few creative poses, you can start taking more chances with backgrounds/characters/abstract figures... idk, I never took art in school, and I quit drawing once I got heads down to a point that I liked them, but that was over half a lifetime ago.

ShrapnelAnime responds:

Yeah I'm trying to work on poses and anatomy a lot more. Backgrounds are just not my thing, I'm going to have to spend a LONG time learning them D:


2015-11-08 14:54:23

glad to have you on board M9 dont let us down do what u like and most importantly dont be someone else be you!!! i know you aspire to great things and one day be a fine example to the art community