Color theory stuff ; 3;

2015-12-02 17:37:10 by ShrapnelAnime

Heyo everyone! I just wanted to see if anyone had a good resource / collection of resources (be it videos, text, etc) of color theory related things? I strongly feel my coloring is heavily lacking and would like to improve upon it. Thanks! ^ 3^


2014-08-08 02:58:23 by ShrapnelAnime

So I'm ShrapnelAnime. I've been using Newgrounds since 2005, except I never had an account (that wasn't just a throwaway account to comment on stuff). I finally decided after the big Animator Crisis on YouTube to make a legit account here where I can share my art that I do (all of it is on dA) 

I hope you enjoy my art and I hope to get along with the NG community!